Sunday, September 21, 2008

Schemmies- Post dog walk 5

  1. Tom and Heidi- neither dramatic or comedic.
  2. Kristin Chenowith and Neil Patrick Harris. Great dig at Howie Mandell. They're remembering who? Best variety performance...
  3. Don Rickles! Who will be blamed by the Emmy's for running long, because he is frickin' awesome! Funny, sincere. God to be that great when I'm his age. Or standing up and breathing, which I'll take.
  4. Kate Walsh and Wayne Brady. Stay on prompter and skip the bit we wrote for you.
  5. Cynthia Nixon and Glenn Turman. Nixon is pro and Turman (the former Mr. Aretha Franklin and hey, its' the guy from "A Different World") is very happy to be there. Best director of a drama...
  6. The guy from "House". Nice. Very sincere. Outstanding writing in a drama series...
  7. Matthew Weiner "Mad Men" wins! I've been pulling for them all night... which you could probably guess if you read this blog, especially here... one of the best shows I've ever seen. Weiner's acceptance speech... Funny, sincere.

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