Sunday, September 21, 2008

Schemmies- Post dog walk 4

  1. Howie- mentions the last decent thing he did in showbizness. Not counting "Walk Like A Man". Remind me to tell you the time Janeane Garofalo walked an entire room in Houston and shouted at them "Go home! Go home and watch Howie Mandell!!" And one of them yelled back "At least he's funny!"... where are they tonight, I wonder.
  2. Tribute to M.A.S.H.- nice. Wait, why are Alexander Payne's ex-wife and the star of "Loverboy" talking about M.A.S.H. ? Supporting Actress in a mini or movie...
  3. Eileen Atkins- See Tom Wilkinson.
  4. Rickles and Kathy Griffin- Griffin does a decent thing. Rickles kills. I suppose it will be his fault the show went over too. Griffin loooooves him. Best Reality Show goes to...
  5. The Amazing Race- Or Bruckheimer's little tv thing. Rickles still killing. I am working on a theory about the Emmy legitimisation of reality this year that I will share with you at the end... stay tuned!
  6. Sally Fields- told to read prompter and go home.
  7. John Adams wins best miniseries. Sally and Harry Truman do a bit. Wonder if they're gonna talk about this year's election... and they do!
  8. Sally was cut short for...
  9. Sarah Chalke's Haynes Wedgie Undies commercial! Yay TV!

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