Sunday, September 21, 2008

Schemmies- Post dog walk 3

  1. Jeff- Moronic. Nice hat.
  2. William Petersen and Laurence Fishburne- Petersen passes the torch to Fishburne to star in a show I don't watch. Best Supporting Actor in A TV Movie or Miniseries...
  3. Tom Wilkinson wins. Not there, but hopefully will show up next year and demand it from Petersen and Fishburne.
  4. Ryan and Tom- Lame joke executed lamely. Leading into...
  5. Stewart and Colbert! My favorite thing they do on these shows is when they start off with some faux-Emmy intro- "The miniseries is a 14-part window into the soul" Genius. Prune as McCain/Republicans... awesome! Best director for miniseries, movie or dramatic special...
  6. Jay Roach wins! Hey, he's still with Susannah Hoffs! Another shout out to Pollack and another "rock the vote" message!!!
  7. Best writer for miniseries, movie or dramatic special- Kirk Ellis for "John Adams". Tom Hanks still rocking the Harry Truman look. Laura Linney was in "The Truman Show". Coincidence? You tell me... Ellis makes great point about relevancy of intellect in politics and gets cut off on "They used words...". Again, coincidence? Guess they needed more time for Ipod and "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" commercials.

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