Sunday, September 21, 2008

Schemmies- Post dog walk 2

  1. Tom- has been told not to be funny. Good choice.
  2. The West Wing- Martin Sheen's bit funny. Nice "Rock The Vote" message. All this to introduce John Schaffner?? On the whole, the "Sets Of The Classic Shows" theme is not really helping this show. Dare I say, it is "going a little long".
  3. John Schaffner- The Television Academy matters speech. Not too long. None of us will remember it tomorrow, unless Schaffner pulls out an AK-47 and mows down his hosts.
  4. Christian Slater and Christinia Applegate- Cute. Everyone loves both of them because they're survivors. Best TV Movie-
  5. Recount- I wish "Extras" had won, because I would like Gervais to do more time. But, frankly my wife and I loved "Recount", Sydney Pollack's death was a blow and I'm glad his last project got some props.

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