Sunday, September 21, 2008

Schemmies 9-9:08

  1. Heidi and Ryan- have been told to shorten it. Proving the existence of a supreme being. Or a producer who's cutting his losses.
  2. Josh Groban- Gives it his best. The least-cringy are "The Jeffersons", "Fresh Prince", and his announcer voices.
  3. Alec Baldwin- The reason my wife is having me dvr this. Lead Actress in a miniseries. Cute joke about his failed marriage to Kim Basinger. I'm sure their daughter appreciated it.
  4. Laura Linney wins.- She was on fi-yah in this project. Tom Hanks looks like he's auditioning for "Give'em Hell Harry 2- Give'em Heller". But you know he'll probably only produce it. Great line about community organizers.
  5. Microsoft commercial- Jeez, is Bill Gates not rich enough. Is his skin not thick enough that he can't take the light-hearted joshing of a John Hodgman and a former Mr. Drew Barrymore?
  6. I will now walk the dog and set the dvr on pause. Just so's you knows.

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