Sunday, September 21, 2008

Schemmies 8:40 -8:55

  1. Conan O'Brien- Last favorite host of Emmys. Great Katherine Heigl joke. The Best Supporting Drama Actress. I was pulling for Dianne Wiest who my own therapist sounded like. Before I moved from LA. In Virginia, you are not required to have a therapist.
  2. Wiest wins. And I reach resolution with my mother issues.
  3. Writers Awards- Bizarrely, Letterman's was the best "zany writer montage" this year. Nicely done old man. But-
  4. Colbert wins! Nice. Sincere. And then...
  5. Howie and Jeff. Announcing Accountants. They're running late. Because of lame opening with hosts? No, the director when he accepted his award said it was Ricky Gervais. Who actually killed.
  6. Steve Martin. Another frickin' genius who should have been host. Presenting GD Tommy Smothers with the Emmy he should have won, but didn't.
  7. Tommy Smothers. Goes political. Cut to Fey and Poelher looking concerned. Smothers pulls out his awkward speech only to be awkward again. Martin smiles graciously. I'll cut this guy some slack, because I've drunk the liberal Kool-Aid.

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