Saturday, January 12, 2008

YearEndBestOfBlahBlahBlah2007- Music Episode 2: Attack Of The Tunes

Umm... I missed a few. You know... I'm really old.

- The Detroit Cobras' track of "Hot Dog (Watch Me Eat)" from their "Baby" album is like listening to early Beatles, if John Lennon was a girl, and his lyrics were written by Rusty Warren. You can't not want to dance to this raunchy rave up. Curiously, one of the few D.C. songs that isn't a cover.

-Dean Martin, always a favorite, had one of those exploit-the-dead-singer-by-doing-poorly-mixed-duets-with-contemporary-artists cd's that the young people love so much. Really. Ask any of the kids. They'll say "Man, after a long day of fighting the power, we relax with a little pop music body snatching." Anyhoos, the cd "Forever Cool" is pretty much the same (Dino sings with Robbie Williams! Joss Stone!! Kevin Spacey?!? Twice??!!?) with the exception of a couple of the tracks, one with Charles Aznavour (Everybody Loves Somebody), but especially the other with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Yeah, yeah, I know, but somehow they found a great obscure cut of the title song from Martin's comedy epic "Who's Got The Action?", and more importantly, found some Royal Crown Revue-ish* energy to the song making it one of my favorite tracks this year.

-Finally, I cannot find just one great track to single out from "Raising Sand", a collaboration between Robert Plant, Allison Krauss and producer T-Bone Burnett, because it's all just great. This bizarre-on-paper mix of two seemingly disparate voices combined with a spare, haunting production that reminds me of no less than Tom Waits' quieter, late-career ballads, is a work of Americana art I will cherish for a long time and have given as a Christmas present several times this year.
I would've given one to you, but you didn't ask...
...and now it's too late!
Hm, that was a bit melodramatic.
But then again, look who's writing.
*"Royal Crown Revue-ish". According to Webster's this is "like Royal Crown Revue, but not. see BIG BAD VOODOO DADDY".


schinders said...

who's got the action?? i thought i'd seen all dino's movies! hmmm. thanks for the info on raising sand, sounds great. this years baccarach and costello.

your fiend, mr. jones said...

"...Action" was made about the same time as the one with Liz Montgomery (if you were friends with her, you got to call her "Liz") and Carol Burnette, the name of which escapes me at the moment... "Who Was That Lady?" maybe?

I implore you to try the Plant/Krauss CD... I love it as much as I did the "Once" soundtrack.