Friday, January 11, 2008

Plug Away! Plug Away!

Hey, when the people write me- I pass the savings onto you! Or the e-mail, in italics...

First off, funny fiend David Koff writes in to update us on how the funny radio theatre show I started with my wife in LA is doing...

Friends & Fans,

Happy New Year to one and all. And thank you for making 2007 our best year of Fake Radio yet! We've got some lovely surprises this year in store and wanted to start off with a bang!

I'm excited to announce that Deborah Wilson Skelton from the hit comedy show MADTv will be our guest star on Sunday, January 20th when we present: Radio Sitcom Tribute Evening! We'll be doing two episodes of the classic sitcoms, "Our Miss Brooks" and "My Favorite Husband" the precursor to the "I Love Lucy Show".

Tickets are ONLY available by RSVPing to our toll-free hotline. No tickets on Goldstar for this one show.

date: Sunday, January 20th

time: 7-9pm

spot: the fake gallery, korea townhelp:

park: free, on the street. see the map in the link above.

rsvp: 877-460-9774

cost: $15.00/ea. $10/ea for parties of 3 or more.


As always, we'll provide some free refreshments. Please do bring the kids - our shows are family-safe: no sex, no violence and no foul language. And stick around after words, we'll have drinks, snacks, music and you'll get a chance to meet the whole cast and guest stars.We'll see you at the theatre!

David Koff
Producer, Fake Radio
Los Angeles' Premiere Old Time Radio Comedy Troupe

Thanks Dave. Remember folks, it's "Fake Radio". Because if it were real radio, you wouldn't be able to see it.

Next up, my son's crazy Uncle BJ has something to say to you, in italics, about how he intends to conquer the world with music. That's right, dude. He got the band back together!

Hey cats 'n' kittens,

Mass mailing all you hepsters out there because I am pimping my new band's MySpace page. That's right, yours truly is edging his way towards the stage once more - all in the name of sardonic alterna-folk, emo-accoustic rock music. Wanna be our friend? Or just curious to hear what the hell sardonic alterna-folk,emo-accoustic rock music sounds like? Then check us out here:

The boys and I truly appreciate it.


Thanks BJ. Now please call Mom and Dad, so they'll stop calling me.

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