Sunday, January 13, 2008

Again With The Brother And His Many, Many Projects...

Okay, seriously, last thing about BJ... this month.

From his latest e-mail...

Hey folks,

Here's news from me: had a massive hard drive death and lost a lot of files for good AND my back has gone out and I'm currently in a lot of pain.

BUT, you've got five more pages of BOTG Book Two to read!

That's right, all my whining aside, work still got done! You can start this batch at page 21 here:

or feel free to read Book Two from the start here:

Enjoy it guys! Big things happen in this batch and I'm very proud of my work here. And just think, the next time you hear from me will be to announce the END OF BOOK TWO! (Or to get the name of a good, cheap chiropractor.)

Enjoy the silence!

*used by permission... well not really... but I'm his brother and he owes me.

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