Thursday, April 05, 2007

Future Jones Luvs His Veggies And Fine Tunes...

Funny fiend Charles Ezell is also fine musician Charles Ezell! If you have a local progressive radio station that carries liberal underdog Air America, you might be able to listen to his band. But let's let Chaz Ezazztm tell this in his own italicized words...


My band Hail The Size is going to be featured this Sunday on The Steve Earle Show on the Air America Network This weeks guest is Maria McKee. On the program Maria was kind enough to play the title track from our upcoming album I CAN"T DIE IN LA. You can podcast it and find out if Steve likes it.



Thank you, Mr. E.

1) "Alternadad" by Neal Pollack. Finally, a book I can read about parenting that looks like it was written for me, as opposed to against me. And it is all about me in the end, isn't it? (cue baby crying). Pollack, a hip (i.e., writes for "McSweeney's") writer/essayist/novelist writes about becoming a father in a quasi-John Cusack in "High Fidelity" sort-of-way.
In fact, Cusack call your agent!
2) "Rhythms Del Mundo" by Buena Vista Social Club, other artists. A hit-n-miss as most charity cover albums tend to be, this cd still has the power to surprise and move*. I defy you not to start involuntarily move in your car when Coldplay and Buena Vista do a version of "Clocks". I also defy you not to say to yourself "Again, with the Sting covering his own 'Fragile' in an even more Latin-flavored version of an already pretty Latino-ed (my word) song?" Because when I talk to myself, I tend to sound like an eighty-seven year old Jewish man complaining about the donut selection in the Hollywood Farmer's Market.
3) "Raines" NBC Television. Like "Monk" in that the detective character has something wrong with him (and like "Monk" in that I can figure out the ending before the lead does... does no one write Levinson and Link anymore?), this show, weak mystery aspect not withstanding, does a good job with the characterizations and the emotional beats of the lead character and the victims. In fact the best thing about this show (besides Jeff Goldblum, one of Orson Welles' "I like listening to my own voice" descendents), is creator Graham Yost's writing. I am willing to forgive the easy-to-solve plots for the levels of emotion he gives all of the characters.
And that's saying a lot. Sigh.
*"Surprise and Move" being the 2nd cousin to "Cut and Run". Both decend from "Duck and Cover".

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