Friday, May 13, 2005

Littel Johnny, Happy At Last!

Well, the show's over... and what have we learned?

1) Horror films sell better than ponderous, "personal" coming-of-age films. I bet the the two directors from last year's PGL (Project Greenlight for you non-fans out there) are wishing they had gotten in this year, as "Feast" had a lot more excitement at Dimension than "Battle of Shaker Heights" ("What?" you say... exactly) did at Miramax. And the guy from the first year ("Who?" you say... ) just wishes he people would give "Stolen Summer" ("Huh?" you query...) a second chance.

2) Psychotically, introverted guys with bizarre family issues can be lovable, talented artists who make genuine contributions to society (Yes, a genre film can be that.... shut up). I cried when John would get support from the suits, as I think anyone does when they see cold, waxwork creatures show that they hearts. Seriously, John Gulager, despite his unique upbringing, seems, in the end, a decent guy, who does (probably from that unique upbringing) have an out of the box, legitimate artistic talent. As his nutsy dad Clu says (and I paraphrase) "This boy is a great artist... a great musician... a great editor and cinematographer... and an amazing actor... and no one has seen any of that yet..." . Or maybe not as Clu says.

3) In any two-man writing partnership, there will always be the quiet one and the wild and crazy spazz. I like to think of this as "The Jack Cassidy/Martin Milner" theory, based on the famous writing characters they played on the first episode of "Columbo"... and by famous, I mean to myself and the sons of Jack Cassidy and Martin Milner.

4) I now have less to write about. Or perhaps now will begin my weekly discussion of "Columbo" episodes. Who knows?

Check out the PGL site here for Chris Moore's sad, self-serving last blog, as the ratings have been so low, the show may not be on after this year.

I'll be crying in my room if you want me.

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Captain Spaulding said...

That Columbo episode features a great line when Jack Cassidy is on his way to seduce and murder a potential witness. Columbo asks if he's going to have company at the cabin, noting that Cassidy has two bottles of champagne. "Oh, trust me, Lieutenant, I can go through two bottles by myself."

your fiend, mr. jones said...

I guess I meant no one would get but me, the sons of Milner and Cassidy... and Daniel Frank. Excellent reference, mon capitan!