Sunday, January 11, 2009

Around The Globes in 80 Days Part 11

Later on...

  • Best Dramatic Actor Guy- Susan Sarandon brings back the class. Mickey Rourke gives me what I've been waiting for... cursing and sincerity. Thanks, Mickey.

NBC shows a commercial for a "modern updating of the David and Goliath myth". Thanks NBC. Now I have something to make fun of for all of the 3 weeks it'll be on the air.

  • Best Dramatic Movie- Tom Cruise is sad about "Valkyrie". Next time, German accent Tom. "Slumdog Millionaire" wins.

Summing up, the drunk awards show needs to get more of the funny, less of the NBC promo stuff. Sorry Zuckerman. The big stories and the ongoing Oscar buzz will be Mickey Rourke, Kate Winslet and Slumdog.

Also, the thing about Duchovny and Tea Leoni getting back together. That blew my mind.

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