Saturday, November 01, 2008

Another Shameless Plug For My Brother's Funnybook...

Well, he's done it again! I know, like many of you, I had started to wonder if my brother had the guts to finish what he started.

And after seeing the above, I think that even if he doesn't, at least he drew the toughest version of the Hawaiian Punch guy I've ever seen. And I've seen them all.

Here's his desperate plea for acceptance, other wise known as an e-mail-

Hi, friends and neighbors, gosh it's been along time since we rock 'n' rolled. Even longer since I last dropped a reminder about my smash hit webcomic, Breakfast of the Gods! (To answer your question, YES, it's still going.)

Book Three:Apocalypse Yum is up to page 16 (and is one of the images I've been dying to draw since I began this puppy - I think it came out quite nicely!) and, if you've been keeping up so far you can jump right to that most recent update here:

Or, if'n you want to take in the totality of Book Three to date, it starts right here:

I hope this spammy mass email finds each and every one of you well and happy. And I hope none of you will embarrass yourselves too much at whatever Halloween functions you head out to tonight. Me? I'm staying in with the flu and back episodes of Mad Men and Pushing Daisies. Oooooh, scaaary!

Yer pal in P-Town,

P-Town is, of course, his infantile slang for when he goes to the bathroom...


Oh Brendan.


Pisser said...

Gotta love a good bathroom reference.

Plus the Keebler Elf, I think, looks real teed off.

your fiend, mr. jones said...

My point EXACTLY.