Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I am a sucker for a decent Vincent Price impression...

...and Bill Hader is one of the guys who does one. Michael McKean, Dana Gould (stand up/writer-producer for The Simpsons), and Maurice LaMarche (also one of the best Orson Welles impressionists, as heard whenever one hears oen fo his best-known voices "Brain" on "Pinky and The Brain")are the other ones I've heard... besides myself, of course.

Seriously, if you heard me recite The Raven in the shower... well, what would you be doing in my shower, freak?

Do us both a favor, get out of my fricking shower.

Be that as it may, this sketch from last week's Jon Hamm-hosted (hey Don Draper is fun-nee!) SNL has one of my favorite running sketches "The Vincent Price Holiday Special", this time a very appropriate Halloween special with Gloria Swanson (Kristen Wiig), James Mason (Jon Hamm), and Liberace (Fred Armisen).

Watch and know the genius of old showbiz-specific references and obscure Hollywood impressions... some might say it's what my act hinged on, back in the day.

And by "some" I mean none.

Just watch the bideo vee-atch.


Anonymous said...

how great was hamm's mason? two old fashioned needs to be stolen and used as often as possible. and her swanson wasn't bad neither.

your fiend, mr. jones said...

Yeah the two old fashioned line reminded me of all those drunk jokes I used to write for Jeff Johnson.

My favorite of those two was Wiig's "Arrrr... I'm a pirate" and Hamm's timing on the limerick.