Friday, July 25, 2008

Be Back In A Week Or So...

We're going on our annual trip to Maine. Home of sad blondes from the forties who stare out of their window in a state of existential angst... or maybe that's just an Edward Hopper painting.
My son is getting the car ready for the trip, while we pack.
We're pretty excited about it. Well, the missus is. Future looks like he's wondering what he's doing wearing a spring sweater in late July.

Before I go...

Two Questions About Vampire Weekend.

Do you think they were aware that their popularity would last exactly the length of time that a vampire has to enjoy a weekend, when they named their band?

What, was "Two Day Wonder" taken?

A Statement About The Dark Knight.

I am tired of the people focussing solely on Heath Ledger. When you see this again (and you will), you will realize that this film is the sole work of one man, one vision and that is why your breath is taken away.

That man is Christopher Nolan.

Sure it is tragic, when you realize that in order for them to bring The Joker back, they will need to get another fearless actor on the level of Heath Ledger to play the character. And there aren't that many.

But this film is a meal. It is a gourmet-frickin' meal and that chef is Christopher Nolan.

I await your hate on this indefensible arguement.

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