Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Let's all say a few prayers for the friends and family of Stan Winston...

I met him in the late nineties when a fiend of mine had a development deal with him on a script he had written. So I get this call saying "How would you like to meet Stan Winston and tour his studio?"

And, of course, I go. Don't act like you wouldn't.

Well, Stan Winston turns out to be this really nice kid with grey hair. I mean, he acts like he was just given the keys to the kingdom. Which is how I would be, I think, if I was just starting out and I had a cool gig like special effects for some major film.

But Stan Winston was a 20+ year veteran at this point. And there he was pointing out all of these great things at his studio, like the Edward Scissorhands statue, a Spiderman statue, the Terminators from both 1 and 2, the Predator and the Alien from Aliens.

He loved his work.

And he went way above the call for all of us geeks who were there that day.

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