Thursday, May 22, 2008

If You're Talking Webcomics About Breakfast Cereal Characters, One Name (And One Name Only) Applies- Mr. Jones' Brother Beej!

Hi there pop culture fans... well, ideally, this is the last chapter of that epic saga that united a nation (and destroyed an empire) Breakfast Of The Gods. What can one say about the creator of this "Lord Of The Rings For Generation X" that hasn't been said already by the LA County Sheriff's Department in various warrants and complaints filed with the district attorney's office?

Perhaps young master Jones will explain better...

Ladies and gents, friends and family, solicitors and debt collectors:

Mr. Jones's brother here and it's my pleasure to announce the launch of the third and final volume of my webcomic trilogy Breakfast of the Gods - the epic adventure that stays crunchy in milk.

For the uninitiated (though, by now, there can't be many of you guys left),
Breakfast of the Gods is an illustrated saga starring a bowlful of familiar faces from your breakfast table. A critical success and a commercial non-entity (for obvious reasons), the series stands as both a pop culture-drenched labor of love and a minefield of serious copyright infringement.

Book One: The Last Good Morning opens we find trouble brewing in Cerealia, a land eternally bathed in morning sunlight. The king and his wizard adviser have disappeared and a shadow of evil has fallen over the land.The old sailor Cap'n Crunch, noblest soul in the land, steps up to lead the fight against Count Chocula's forces of darkness.

Book Two: O Cap'n, My Cap'n, stakes were raised as we met the determinedly neutral bar owner Toucan Sam, journeyed into the depths of Castle Chocula, witnessed the temptation of the Trix Rabbit and the ultimate fate of Cap’n Horatio M.Crunch.

Now, as
Book Three: Apocalypse Yum begins, the sides have been drawn and the battle begins in earnest. What follows promises to be the most important battle of their lives as well as the most important meal of the day.

Humor your old pal and check in with my magnum opus. Just think, a year from now, I'll finally shut up about the whole thing and we can all go on to rich, rewarding lives full of television, environmental upheaval and economic despair.

Til then, smooches!
Mr. Jones' Little Brother Beej

So won't you join me as we read this final chapter (again ideally) on my brother's obsession with his childhood?

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