Monday, May 19, 2008

If you must visit one Comedy Film Nerd site let it be...

Run by, among others, fiends Chris Mancini and Graham Ellwood, this site brings together two of my favorite pop culture subjects that I nerd-out* about- comedy and film. As with every other sentient creature in the known universe, they have a myspace page here. But what I really like about it, is that it reminds me of one of the things I loved about living in LA ("Drinking 24 hours a day?" you ask... "What? Oh, you're thinking of Louisiana... but you can drink 24 hours a day in Los Angeles too... just ask Daniel Baldwin." I reply).

It seemed like, when the missus and I lived there, that everyone we knew in stand-up loved movies. Or maybe it was the comics we knew, but we used to go opening day (and when we were running a booked room in Westwood, opening night after the show) to whatever interesting movie was opening that day. So I have fond memories of seeing "Primal Fear" with **Dana Gould, seeing various movies with my late fiend Charlie Shannon (who I talk about more here), and watching "Rio Bravo" with writer Ben Schwartz, Patton Oswalt and Jeff Garkin.

Er- Garlin. Jeff Garlin. Seriously, I totally know him. Like, he was at my wedding.

Oh shut up.

The point is, it was great to be in a community of like-minded funny people who were passionate about movies and the culture of show biz. Having moved away from LA, I find that I miss that community more than I miss screenings at The Museum Of Radio And Television, The Egyptian, The Arclight or shopping for used Criterion dvd's at Amoeba Records.

Yeah, yeah, yeah I tend to get a little sentimental about that time of my life. I met my wife there and really enjoyed the business of show ("And you were doing what exactly in that business?" you ask... "Hey, open mikes and managing movie theaters count pal!" I offer as a blistering reply).

Summing up, enjoy the funny and the pop culture erudition from the good people at, not just because I recommended it, but because this country needs change and it's the right thing to do, pilgrim.

*Webster verifies this is a word. And by "Webster", I mean a frighteningly tiny male who resembles a child, but may indeed, be of another world.

**Cue creepy name drop music here.


Mona Buonanotte said...

We loves us some Jeff Garlin. Seriously. We'll see him in something and the kids will squeal, "Hey! It's the guy from Daddy Day Care!"

your fiend, mr. jones said...

as long as they're not screaming "Hey! It's the guy from Full Frontal!"

Because though Jeff is good in Full Frontal, it's not enough to make the movie worth watching.

Pisser said...

At least you geek out about normal things, and not, you know, bugs - like I do!

The community here misses YOU! I'd say come back, but would never wish ill on a friend.