Wednesday, December 05, 2007

December Film Preview Round Up 5000!

Here's something I mentioned in yesterday's "You Know The Face...", a film that's getting a lot of critical affection, which usually at this time of the year means "Oscar Bait!". But the trailer makes me laugh everytime I see it and with a cast including Sydney Bristow, two "Arrested Development" alumni, C.J. and J. Jonah Jameson as parents and Ellen "a funnier Dana Hill" Page selling the lines, I'm not sure why I would ever not see it. I mean, somethings you just know, you know? Grass is green, sky is blue, one is one and two are two*... and I'm seeing "Juno".
Hey, look everyone! A new Mike Nichols film! Hello? Hello? Okay, howsabout this- a script by Aaron "West Wing/Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip/SportsNight" Sorkin! Hey, where ya goin'? Actually, this film is based on a true story so you know it's got to be... true-ish, I guess? Seriously, this big ol' Oscar Bait movie has got a "Catch Me If You Can" feel to it, and not just because of Tom Hanks. Stories about American oddballs that are based on a true story, if done well, can be really, really good. Let's hope Nichols is in a "Catch 22" mood, Sorkin stops the speechifyin'tm, and Hanks is in a "I have more money than God, so I'm just going to be a little more mid-late eighties Nicholas Cage in this if no one minds" mood. Phillip Seymour Hoffman will be awesome as usual, and Julia Roberts will smile while saying something biting, which she has gotten very good at.
Is there anyone not looking forward to this? Then leave the blog! Are they gone? Okay, listen the only thing I will be looking for is the degree of awesomositytm that this film will achieve... and let's not forget it's not just Depp in this... there's also directorial home wrecker (Kenneth Branagh/Emma Thompson, Tim Burton/Lisa Marie) Helena Bonham Carter, Alan (will he ever re-reach the heights of Hans Gruber again?) Rickman, Sacha Baron Cohen (no nudity this time one hopes), and Anthony Head of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" fame. The TV Show. Jeez, do I even know you?
If you must see one parody that doesn't have the word "movie" in the title, see this one. Apatow has become the new comedy "it" guy, replacing Christopher Guest and Ben Stiller in the eyes of Hollywood and critics. Until now, the only misfire he's done has been co-writing "Celtic Pride" with Colin Quinn. Will this, his first real movie satire (a take on musical bios including "Walk The Line" and "Ray"), be the next in a long line of successes or "Musical Biography Movie"? The trailer is very funny with cameos from Jack Black, Paul Rudd, Justin Long and Jason Schwartzman as The Beatles and, in the girlfriend-wives roles Jenna Fischer and Kristin Wiig. Apatow has such good will from audiences and Hollywood, the film will have to be horrible to be even considered a disappointment.**

Coming up next, more about my other blog, more about movies in December and January and I stop mentioning my page on myspace.

Seriously. I'll do it this time, I swear.

*That's right musical fans- I just referenced "Anyone Can Whistle" (with more Sondheim to come)! Deal with that, yo!
**This makes sense. Just ask my college existential philosophy professor.


schinders said...

got to say, juno was a bit of a let down, kind of a smarter, funnier after school special.

your fiend, mr. jones said...

And this is bad, how? ;>

Anonymous said...

Bad how, indeed.

But the bad how on Charlie Wilson is pretty obvious because Tom Hanks is awful, and Julia Roberts is awfuller.

The cover of the book has their gooey mugs which I replaced, using the magic of a color printer and Elmer's glue, with photos of Joan Bennette and Aaron Eckhart. Am assuming without any evidence whatsoever, that Tom Hanks was responsible for basically writing out the actual mail actor in this drama.

your fiend, mr. jones said...

questions, questions...

Not sure if you mean Joan Bennett who was in Fritz Lang's "Scarlet Street" and "The Woman In The Window", or not.

And which real actor did Hanks remove through writing out? Surely, not Hoffman!