Saturday, December 08, 2007

7 Letters: O-U-T-R-A-G-E !!!

From the desk of my fiend Mark, who surely must have better things to do with his time than edit together our mutual friend Paul's appearance on "Crosswords"... in Mark's defense, I'm spending time blogging about it so...

Here's Mark with more-

"Dear Friends,

One of our close friends was the recent victim of an outrageous injustice. We have to do something to correct this situation. Together, we can unite against the evil and set the record straight. A petition, a ban, a strike. Our voices must be heard. For our friend..."

Thanks, Mark Stolaroff of the No-Budget Filmschool... which can be found here-

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Jess said...

Mr. Jones,

(Can I start calling you Mr. Jones at work? Wouldn't that be awkward, hah.)

Um, it's Jess! ... from work. You know... right? I hope? No? Never mind.

First of all, that video upset me to no end. Thank you for ruining my day.

Secondly, I checked out your brother's comic. It's pretty great. I also checked out what he's using to post it online and signed up for both ComicSpace and WebComic Nation. I'm sick of LiveJournal sucking away at my soul... so thanks for letting me know about it! :D

I suppose that's all for now.
(Oh yes, I will be back! *insert Vincent Price laugh-track*)

~ Jess

your fiend, mr. jones said...

1-You're welcome.
2- You're welcome again. Now you have two new websites to suck away your soul!

But if you return, you will find you've fallen in my trap!


Troy said...

Y'know, that's the kind of loss that requires a lawsuit to rectify. Seriously. Lawyer up, Paul.

I'm a mad fan of game shows!

your fiend, mr. jones said...

Troy speaks the truth!