Sunday, October 28, 2007

Yes, I've Been Experimenting...

...using dark science and the power cosmic, I have revamped the blog.

So, what's changed?

Well since you asked so nicely...

GONE- the lyrics to The Talking Heads' "Mr. Jones". One of the best spy themes never written. It may return one fine day.

GONE- the basic white background. I like darker colors. So here are some, here.

GONE- the old font colors and template in place of a new template that, I believe draws your focus to whatever I'm writing about. I may be wrong on this, but when has that ever stopped me before?

Hope you are all well. Please enjoy the new welcome message from Dino and be sure to take the all important poll, the fate of which may change the destination of an empire.

Coming soon, my son dresses for Halloween and I plug the other site again.

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