Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I Have Some Questions About...

...HEROES. Especially after last night's episode.
  1. Why would Nikennifer*, who presumably loves her son very much, seem so calm and ready to work with the Company after being "cured" of her "Jennifer" personality? Has she forgotten she has a son?
  2. Why is Peter more concerned about going after his destiny and less about getting his memory back?
  3. I presume HRG, given his experiences with Isaac Menendez's oblique prophecy paintings, would be aware that they seldom spell out what is going to happen in the future. So why is he blown away that he can't figure out the remaining paintings that he procured last night? He should just read Menendez's much more prophetic, and easier-to-understand, comic books. Which reminds me...
  4. Who does the plotting/dialogue in Isaac Menendez's prophetic "Ninth Wonder" comics? Because that writer is the one I would be going to for more concrete answers about the future than Menendez's art. Think about it... every time we see a panel of the comic book, we see not only the scene it replicates, but the dialogue as well. Did Menendez have access to that in his visions as well, and write it in? Since he's dead now, how far was his create-to-publish lead time? Because these books keep coming out. And it's not just panels, it must be whole plots or otherwise the comic books wouldn't make any sense? So who's the comic book writer with the prophetic powers?

Seriously, this is what I think about far too much of the time.

*"Nennifer"? "Jenikki"? "Jikki"? "Filliam H. Muffman"? Maybe I should leave the nicknaming to the professionals.

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