Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Future Jones Requests You Go His Dad's Old Show This Sunday... If You're In The Los Angeles Area That Is!

Hi there,

You may or may not (the latter probably) remember I created a fake radio show in Los Angeles called, oddly, Fake Radio.

My wife and various fiends of ours, did this originally at a Border's in Westwood as part of a variety show I was running called "Kulcha- The Variety Show That's Good For You". Yes, it was as good as the name. Oh shut up.

Anyway, I found the part of the show where I would try to recreate old radio shows (The Shadow, Lux Radio Theatre's adaptations of "It's a Wonderful Life" and "All About Eve") to be, oh what's the word, funnesttm part of the show. So, when the jerks (and I mean that in the best sense of the word "jerks"... truly) at Border's gave us so much tsouris (sp.?) we decided to stop the show, I found I really missed the radio show part of it. Later, I ran into Paul Kozlowski (I believe P.Kitty may know him) of Fake Gallery, while trying to put on one of my "funny" sketches* and my wife casually mentioned that the gallery might be a good venue for the radio show idea. And that's how "Fake ("because if it were real radio, you wouldn't be able to see ittm")Radio" was born.

Anyhoos, check out this weekend, where fiend David Koff puts on a big Lux Radio version of "Meet Me In St. Louis" with OG Fake Radio playa (it's okay. I'm from the streets) Maria "Bam Bam" Bamford. You'll be glad you waded through this to find out how to do so.


1)"TV's Grooviest Variety Shows (of the '60 and '70s)" by Telly R. Davidson. Gosh, how do most heterosexual males in their early forties spend their reading time? Not the way I do apparently, judging from the strange, quizzical looks I get (the same looks I give when hearing about "sports" or "non-entertainment-related news") when expounding on the merits of a "The Tony Orlando & Dawn Rainbow Hour" or your average "Dean Martin presents The Bobby Darin Amusement Company" episode. This book answers that strange, siren call I hear to find out more about shows I kind of remember watching with my mom and dad.

2)"Lost" on ABC. After a year of dealing with unanswered questions like "why did you hire Michelle Rodriguez again?" and "how come you didn't introduce Michael Emerson's character a whole lot sooner?" the show finally brings back the massive kickass! Episodes like the Hitchcockesque (from the original Klingon) " Exposé" have made this more of a "must-see", less of a "must-endure". The best show without Shatner or flying senatorial candidates on television!

3)"Music For TV Dinners"Various Artists. What can you say about an album devoted to music heard only in seventies commercials and PSA's? Words fail me ("For once." you say... "Never for long, though!" I reply.). The Citizen Kane of Commercial Score CD's! ("You see? Never For Long!" I comment triumphantly, seconds later)

Hope you're well. Future is currently analyzing the wonders of Mr. Rogers. "It's Such A Good Feeling" indeed.

*usually referencing Vincent Price. Always huge laughs. Seriously. Karen Kilgariff, stopped squinting for like, a second at least.

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