Friday, August 12, 2005

What Have I Been Doing Lately?

I have been working (at home on a script idea I've had and at Starbucks or "*$'s" as nobody ever calls it. Ever.) as well as replying to e-mailed congratulations from fiends the country over regarding "Future Jones and The Quest For Birth".

All in all, I've been busy.

And hip-hop I don't stop (to paraphrase the Blondie rap song) this weekend as we host quite a number of family and fiends at our "anniversary/birthday" barbecue, which may become an indoor thing if this Virginian humidity keeps up. What's that you say?? You weren't invited???

Well, you were in spirit... isn't that enough?

Speaking of anniversary/birthday, next week I'll tell the tale of how Gah-juss and I met, which will be sure to bring a tear to everyone who suffers from my malady of crying at the drop of a hat ("Are you saying someone- choke- dropped a hat-sob-?"... and that's why I never get invited to parties anymore, folks.)

I hope tomorrow to put up another announcement about my ex-radio theater troop's show on Sunday as well as some new links to other, probably funnier, fiends.

The above is from, well first off, my favorite Preston Sturges screwball comedy "Hail The Conquering Hero", and, secondly, the Classic Movie Palace site where they got them some purty nice stills there. I'll write about this film more in the few-chur. And speaking of the future, and we should because it's where we'll be spending the rest of our lives...

Future Jones News

We have finally cleared out a lot of unpacked stuff from my office. Soon, we will put Mary's office stuff in here and then that room shall be Future's own lil' Batcave. Okay, may be this isn't thrilling for you, but I've never done any of this before ("What, cleaning?" you say... oh, I have such funny fiends, I sigh), so it's all new to me, as NBC once said about it's terrible reruns.

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Pisser said...

Aww, they're not your "ex" troupe. You will always be their first "love".

They should make a Fake Jones doll (complete with tuxedo) and hoist 'im up on a stick, for a mascot.

No, the stick wouldn't be up there. That's not nice.

your fiend, mr. jones said...

Thank you for clarifying. ;>

Mona Buonanotte said...

You are gonna post pictures of the ultrasound of Little Jones, right? 'Cause it makes all us moms go "Awwwww!!!" and we get all teary and stuff.

your fiend, mr. jones said...

Maybe... but remember, when I use ultrasound, it's so intense, it's called Extremesound!