Sunday, January 11, 2009

Around The Globes in 80 Days Part 6


  • Scene from "In Bruges". Gerard Butler makes my wife tell me to shut up. It's true.
  • Best Movie Writer- Seth Rogan gives Mickey Rourke a reason to beat him up. "Slumdog Millionaire" guy wins.
  • Best TV Comedy Guy- Patrick Dreamy and Amy Poehler give Alec Baldwin the thing. You know what I mean. No I am not drunk.
  • Scene from "The Reader". Renee Zellweger however must be.
  • Best TV Movie-ish Guy- Terence Howard is sad he blew "Iron Man 2". But Don Cheadle's gotta work, yo. Paul Giamatti wins for the Tom Hanks Prestige Thing. I have enjoyed his zany faces during this Golden Globes. For that I would've given him the award.
  • Best TV Show- Glen Close and Larry (Yeah I can call him that.) Fishburne do the phony serious intro thing. "30 Rock" is the winner??? Tracy Morgan kills. Zucker smirks and wishes this would pull the ratings of the network (NBC) out of the basement.

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