Sunday, January 11, 2009

Around The Globes in 80 Days Part 2


  • Simon West and Eva Blah Blah Blah- Best Supporting TV Guy. Hey, Piven feels better Mr. Mamet! Wilkinson wins for being in the prestige Tom Hanks show. Kate Beckinsale shoots daggers at the world.
  • Best Supporting TV Lady. Melissa George looks like she can eat the camera. Laura Dern wins for being the most honest portrayal of a frickin loon in "Recount". And apparently Obama wins, too!
  • Scene from Burn After Reading. Don Cheadle kills.
  • Eva Mendes shows what being sober will get you... a mediocre comic book movie and introducing the President Of Foreign People.
  • Best Guy on TV- Hayden Pantierre and Zac Effron for the kids-n-geeks. Gabriel Byrne wins and shows his class by not showing up and forcing young stars to improvise.
  • Best TV Lady- Young Kirk and Young Spock make awkward talk then... Anna Paquin wins for her terrible Louisiana accent. Maybe she'll do her Scottish... nopers, she has lived here long enough, just a horrible mid-atlantic accent.


Joyce said...

Simon Baker! Btw, I laughed out loud many times reading your coverage of the GG. You rock it!

your fiend, mr. jones said...

And you have excellent taste. ;>