Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not that I'm too political but...

...If I do watch political news, lately I watch Keith Olbermann (sp.?) and Rachel Maddow. While I'll be the first to say that these shows are skewed to the liberal side, I like how intelligent Maddow and, to some degree Olbermann are. I think Maddoa is the more cerebral, but Olbermann, for all of his sarcasm, can get really, sincerely upset about issues I get upset about... like the special comment he did last night on McCain's culpability in the enflamation of the radical, lunatic fringe on the right.

I don't know much about politics, but I do know how you can judge character.

Just wait until someone's back is up against the wall, and see what they do.

McCain will try desperate move out of desperate move like a gambling addict who thinks they can put the kid's college education on Danny Boy in the fifth, because- if he wins- he pays 100 to 1.

Behind in the buzz and the polls?

-Pick an unqualified governor that you've only spoken to for the equivalent of time it takes Jerry Lewis to make his pitch at three in the morning during the MDA telethon. Then desperately vamp when her views, lack of experience and family life become known to everyone THEN you.

-Suspend your campaign to look like you're willing to forgo the political process in order to get things done. Then DON'T get things done and resume political process.

-After years of decrying negative campaigning (mostly as a victim of it yourself), hire people who trained with Karl Rove, and unleash devisive ads that focus campaign on non-issues of the opposition's "association" with a guy he barely knows, who's terrorist acts occurred when your opposition was EIGHT YEARS OLD... then act like the ads never happened during the debates.

McCain, when his back is up against the wall, will do anything.

I do not trust that kind of a "maverick".


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Pisser said...

Yeah the voter fraud and various "maverick" shenanigans are scaring the crap out of me too. I like Maddow and Oberman, they make me feel like there is still intelligent life in the universe. Sometimes I don't know...