Sunday, September 21, 2008

Schemmies- Post dog walk 8

  1. OMG they are going to make them stand there. "Haven't they been sufficient?" No. No they haven't....
  2. Jeff wins! His mea culpa sounds sincere?? Jimmy Kimmel told them it wouldn't work. He's a smart guy. So is anyone who is funny. They all should've been consulted and heeded.
  3. Hey it's MTM! And her plastic surgery!! She presents...
  4. Betty White! I wonder if they're just going to keep presenting various stars until it's one a.m.? Nice joke about running long. Best Comedy Series...
  5. 30 Rock wins! Again! It is a very funny show. Nice craven shout out for people to watch the show.
  6. Magnum! Has been told to keep it short. Best Drama...
  7. Mad Men wins! Thank you Jesus! Woo-hoo! Hurray Television! Hey it's Bobby Morse! Look the mighty John Slattery and his wife, the ex-Mrs. George Clooney!
  8. Jeff signs off. I think I'm liking him more now.


Glad you stuck around. Here's what the theory is... they have proved the irrelevance of the phenomenon. Even someone who you would've thought would be adept at getting through the show- yes, I'm talking about Howie Mandell- tanked. The host who came off best was Jeff Probst and it was only during his acceptance speech, where he apologized.

I remember during an actor's strike (probably in the early eighties) the show was hosted by members of AFTRA, who were allowed to be there. Namely, Steve Allen and Dick Clark.

They were fine. Allen is a great ad-libber, Clark a fine straight man and together it was fine.

You cannot say this of the hosts tonight or last year.

We will not see the like of consummate pros like a Steve Allen or a Dick Clark again. They were both from radio and early television. I don't see the Internet producing that kind of experience for performers.

Reality is popular on a sporting level. And yet even the late sportscaster Jim McKay could pull out a professional job when the Munich Olympic crisis occurred. I doubt any sports host today could do that. Maybe Bryant Gumbel. Or Bob Costas.

Reality uses a lower standard for their hosting positions. The TV Academy should not have expected more from these guys, especially Seacrest (who is no Dick Clark, despite what his PR would have you believe) who has now tanked two years in a row.

Overall, the Emmys next year will need a Conan O'Brien or Jimmy Kimmel or (hope, hope) Ricky Gervais.

Someone who could do this with their eyes closed. Not someone who makes you cover yours. And your ears.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Jones: They must be working you to death for Paul Newman to die and no column from you?