Thursday, September 11, 2008

Okay, I'm watching Burn Notice tonight and all of a sudden, out of nowhere-

Tim Matheson shows up! But not like the Tim Matheson we know... but like an old, Mickey-Rourke's-plastic-surgeon-did-a-number-on-him Tim Matheson...

I mean he doesn't look like this anymore

Or this...
Certainly not like this...

Now he looks more like this...

Anyhoos... I'm just wondering. I mean this guy was kind of the Dick Clark of actors from the sixties/seventies.
Been around forever, always looked pretty young.
I know the guy's sixty-something now but-
Just watch the show on it's site or whatever Hulu-ish site is running it.
And you tell me.

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I am a devoted fan of the youthful Tim Mattheson,-- back when he still spelled his name 'Matthieson.'

Just as Elvis fans are divided into those who love the 'young' Elvis of 1956 and "Blue Suede Shoes," (rather than the older & fatter Elvis of The Landmark Hotel, Las Vegas, 1976), I am a pre-"Animal House" Tim-lover.

As much as I would like to be accommodating, and respond to the request for comments on "Burn Notice," I must admit that I would sooner be DRAWN & QUARTERED than watch ANYTHING on the USA network!

Thanks for that last photo (bottom-right) of our ever-loving Timmy, however.
(like your blog, too, and think I'll subscribe).