Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Perhaps Penny Peyser knows Jack's Function...

Longtime readers (all five of you) remember I've written about one of my showbiz heroes Jack Sheldon before (find it here- And now, firend of the late, lamented Charlie Shannon (who I write about here- actress Penny Peyser ("The In-Laws" [the good, original version] and one of my brother and mine's favorite 80's private eye shows "Crazy Like A Fox")has made a documentary about the great trump-edian entitled "Trying To Get Good".

See people talk about how funny/talented/genius-ish Jack Sheldon is! See those people turn out to be people like Billy Crystal! Clint Eastwood! Merv Griffin! Johnny Mandel! Etc!

And see more about seeing the film at ...

you'll be glad you did!

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