Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Future Analysis Of Oscars '08

My son, Future, watched The Oscars the other night and has written down, what I think, is the finest minute-by-minute commentary on the awards show ever by a two-year old boy.

Gimme a break, I'm his dad.

Here's what he had to say in italics below...

I like milk... Dada, where's Diego(editor's note: "Diego" is one of Future's favorite shows "Go, Diego, Go" aka "Gogo")? Wanna see Giants' "1,2,3's"(editor's note: "Giants' '1,2,3,'s' " is Future's favorite children's video "They Might Be Giants' Here Comes the 1, 2, 3's")? "Wonder pets(editor's note: "Wonderpets" is another of Future's favorite shows)?" "Backyardigans"(ibid)?

Oh good, Jon Stewart's on... Love his take on Hillary and Obama... Dada, milk? Milk?

Mmmm, milk... Cookies? Cookies, da- What is that on Travolta's head? Is he from space?

Poppy (editor's note: "Poppy" is Future's pacifier) tastes good... why is it taking so long to bring on the supporting actor Awards? I mean, c'mon, do we need to sit through anymore of Gil Cates' plan B montages, so he can justify what he paid to make them in case the strike wouldn't end by showtime?

I mean c'mon... good poppy though.

Wow "Once" got best song! I thought "Enchanted" was a shoo in! And The Coens got best adapted screenplay!! I thought the Academy was going to throw Paul Thomas Anderson a bone! I guess all bets are off now...

...Dada! Aminal cracker, peese!

Mama, quit it... have to go Dada, sleepy, nite-nite. Tell me if Diego won...

Like I said the kid's a genius.

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schinders said...

he looks so much like mary... are you sure he's yours? i thought enchanted would win too. loved chenowith.