Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ankle still hurts. More thoughts On New TV Season.

Luckily, I have excellent medical care.
what about other new television shows, Mr. Jones???
Good question, big red font. Let's look, shall we?
-"Pushing Daisies" (ABC, Wednesdays 8pm, et). Or "What if Tim Burton made a television show?" I know, I know, this is the hip show to watch. And there is a lot of it I like. The weekly murders that the gang solve are real eccentric "Avengers"-style murders. A one-eyed Swoosie Kurtz holding a shotgun and saying "I can hold my breath a real, long time." Or a Kristin Chenowith singing "Hopelessly Devoted To You." Every show should have something like this. It's just that it still feels a little too precious, a little too twee (that's right mister, I said twee) and a little too locked in it's world right now. It's a show that would be better off with some discordance or rawness to it. Look even "Edward Scissorhands" has Kathy Baker seducing Johnny Depp to a Tom Jones song. And that's what this show needs.
-"Life" (NBC, Wednesdays 10pm, et). I'm stunned this has nothing to do with the Eddie Murphy/Martin Lawrence movie. Damian Lewis, plays a police officer who was framed for a murder... a murder he didn't commit! He uses his time in the slammer to become an eccentric, whimsical character who solves murders when he is freed by DNA evidence. From being imprisoned... falsely. I like it, especially the talking head scenes (the cop's life is being made into a documentary), but I'm getting a little tired of the House/Monk eccentricities. And I like Monk. Lose the zen detecting and the love of fresh fruit and deal more with the emotions of the cop's friends/family.
I have watched no other new shows because I have no time, what with the awesome wife and son and job and broken ankle and so on and so on.
Coming up...
I give evidence why "Reaper" is better than "Chuck". Plus lesser things as well.


schinders said...

nice use of twee! you're so good. another problem with pushing daisies (which you know i'm loving), i hear abc's trying to cut the budget. too much spent on green screen. what'll happen when they go cheap? will it be like the shows i put on as a kid wearing my mom's shoes? that's still pretty full of whimsy.
hey, is a whimsicle frozen whimsy on a stick?

your fiend, mr. jones said...

tanx keed.

Actually my dad taught me to ride a whimsicle when I was 6.