Sunday, September 16, 2007


Seacrest demonstrates how he prayed for this night to happen, while audience checks watch, wonders if the possibility of winning is worth sitting through this.

strange isn't it?
-Hate Emmy In The Round. Interesting staging, used poorly. Except for Steve Carell coming out of the trapdoor. But he is funny, so, really, it's not Fox's doing is it?
-Terry O'Quinn, the hardest working man in genre storytelling, won for "Lost". This show got it's act together-ish this year and O'Quinn was a big part of it.
-Carell/Office bit funny.
-Jon Stewart makes fun of stage. Good.
-Judy Davis no show. Ms. Davis is one of the most intelligent actresses working today. And proves it tonight.
-The chairman of the Television Academy's name is "Dick Askin"? Did I hear that right?
-I'm letting the dvr tape the rest. In a world where "American Idol" wins a humanitarian award, I need to watch some "Curb Your Enthusiasm". Be back in thirty minutes or so.
-"Jersey Boys" tribute to "The Sopranos". Un-f'ing-believable. And I'm a big musical theatre fanatic, too. What, they couldn't find any clips for "Oh What A Night" and "Sherry Baby"?
-Peter Bogdanovich gets to be on stage with "The Sopranos" cast. For the twenty minutes he did for the entire run of the show. He should be honored for his commentaries on every dvd of every movie ever made. Because if Steven Soderbergh isn't available, call Bogdanovich.
-Lewis Black, very funny. Seacrest tag for Black? Okay-ish. Hey, a writer is earning his check!
-Al Gore gets an Emmy and a standing "O". Insert joke here.
-Brad Garrett and Joely Fisher prove that a sitcom is only as good as it stars.
-Elaine Stritch has more funny in her squint, than this show in it's entirety.
-Seacrest wears "Wacky" "Outfit".
-Wayne Brady's bit saved by amazing West/Schrute combo.
-Colbert/Stewart saved by Gervais/Carell. Possibly favorite moment of the evening.
-Shatner improvises bad pun on Debra Messing's name. Sigh. Stick to the script, man.
-James Spader makes great put down on poor staging, helping me to forget Shatner's sad, sad pun.
-"30 Rock" wins best comedy. Tina Fey makes some decent jokes, which proves just how good her writers really are.
-"The Sopranos" win. Bogdanovich sad that David Chase doesn't thank him on stage, but laughs, like the good sport his dear friend Orson (Welles) always said he was. And if you don't believe me, just listen to his commentary on any dvd he's ever done commentary for.
-Seacrest signs off, just like Rupert told him to.


ellen said...

no, you're awesome!! can't believe you watched the emmys. i always want the time back.

your fiend, mr. jones said...

Inevitably, I'm left with the same feeling.

Except for Ellen or Conan. Both very funny hosts.