Sunday, September 09, 2007

Tribute To My Mother-In-Law, Who Passed Away Thursday Morning, August 30th

First thing you should know is that she reminded me of Lauren Bacall, the first time I met her*. So, for the purposes of this, let's call her "Slim".

Slim was the first person I ever met in person from my wife's family. She met us at the airport when we flew out to Boston for our first Christmas together. From there we went to a nice drinking establishment in the North end, close to where she lived and where we were going to stay for a couple of days. From the first time we met, she was nothing but a classy lady, and so supportive of this goofball, stand-up comic/actor wannabe who her daughter was dating. She also was a great hostess, filled with a dry wit, always with a ready smileI liked her immediately.

Later on, when we would visit her at her completed home in Maine (she had been working on it for awhile with her gentleman friend), she always was so gracious with her home and time. We ended up not staying with her after the first couple of visits, but the times we did, we were grateful. Traveling with a dog and, eventually, an infant child is not easy. She understood with her typical understated hospitality and good manners.

She loved the Red Sox. The only time I've ever payed attention to sports was the World Series with The Red Sox and The Yankees, because we were visiting when it was on. We watched every night, tried to figure out why Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore were in the audience (shooting "Fever Pitch") and were impressed that Jennifer Garner went with Ben Affleck to the game. The look on Slim's face when the Sox won was priceless.

I'm saddened because I miss her, but I'm mostly saddened for the pain that my wife, her brothers and Slim's gentleman friend are going through. The loss of someone you care about, that you're so close to, an immediate family member, is something that can stay felt for a long, long time. I pray that pain will be lifted soon.

*she was quiet, sardonic, looked at you sideways, smoked and knew how to hold a drink. Also, I tend to associate things/people/situations with movies.

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