Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm Not As Photogenic As I Used To Be...

Let The Flabby Years Begin.


David Koff said...


is THAT what you've become??!

holy mother of fuck in a chicken basket.


your fiend, mr. jones said...

And yet you, sir, need "psychedlic" photographic special effects in order to even have an avatar of yourself!

Good day, sir!

Anonymous said...

Ahh, Dr. Fixitt..we hardly knew ye

your fiend, mr. jones said...

And you are.....?

"hellsfuzzy" does bring up an interesting point. I was, back in the day, a second banana on a local Houston "Disney Afternoon" intro/outro show.

We would come on between "Ducktales" and "Chip N' Dale's Rescue Rangers" and have sketches, giveaways and interviews with celebs (does Wil Wheaton count?)all in about a minute!

The money was good (always nice to be paid for performing, don't let the man kid you) but really...

... it was for the kids.