Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fake Radio, Really Funny

the pictures will be explained in a minute... don't be so pushy.

Hey, you (all five of you) remember the old radio script recreation show the missus and I did in Los Angeles from 2002 to 2004?

No? C'mon, you know the one I created? There's a link for it on the right-hand side of this blog? It's at Paul Kozlowski's "Fake Gallery" at 4319 Melrose Ave. Los Angelus, CA 90029 [or call- 323-644-4946] every Sunday in awhile (monthly? bi-monthly?) at 7pm?

Starting to ring a bell?

Anyways, tomorrow night (Sunday August 12th @7pm), funny fiend David Koff is putting on a night of Espionage Radio Shows, or (as he puts it in an exclusive italicized message)-

Great news for this Sunday's Fake Radio show: we've got yet another lovely guest star lined up for you! Nancy Pimental was the host of "Win Ben Stein's Money" on Comedy Central for several years and has written some of the funniest "South Park" episodes in the show's history. She's an incredible improvisor and comedy talent and we're thrilled to have her along for this Sunday's show.

We still have a few 1/2 price tix left via Goldstar so grab those while you can.
Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you at the theatre!
David Koff
Director/Producer, Fake Radio

Information About Our Next Show

Fake Radio Presents: An Evening of Mystery! Suspence! and Intrigue! That's right, it's
"Espionage Night" with two of the great spy series from the genre!
"The Man Called X", originally starring Herbert Marshall and aired January 11th, 1948. "Dangerous Assignment", originally starring Brian Donlevy and aired July 16th, 1949.

Time: 8/12/07, 7-9pm
Spot: The Fake Gallery, korea town
Call: 877-460-9774

Special guest stars: Nancy Pimental & Jennifer Hasty!!
So if you're in the LA area tomorrow night, why not treat yourself to the two shows I labored over a laptop to transcribe for the past 6 months.
Because I type slow.
Seriously, this post alone took me the better part of two weeks.

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