Monday, May 14, 2007

Future Jones Wishes All You Muthas Out There A Very "Happy Mother's Day!" But first...

... a word about Tom Poston, who died in the evening, Monday, April 30th. I met both him and his wife, Suzanne Pleshette at a fiend's wedding in 2004 and found him to be a very nice, funny guy. He was one of the regulars on the old Steve Allen "Tonight Show" in the fifties and you probably remember him from any of the bazillion sitcoms he's done including both "The Bob Newhart Show" and then later on "Newhart".
Certainly, The Postons didn't have to take time at a wedding to talk to me about my short little obscene comedy film I was working on at the time. And they definitely didn't have to be obscene, yet funny themselves. But they did and they were and it was one of my favorite show biz moments. Tom Poston was a classy, yet dirty, guy and for that I will always be grateful.

Okay fine.

This past Mother's day, Future, Mrs. J and I celebrated by going to our favorite place of employment for Mr. J in the NOVA area, Barnes & Noble's (Future likes to play with the train set there). Before that, we gave Mrs. J her presents which included the Pilates ("the exercise of tomorrow- Today!") and Yoga (stretch like rubber band, you will) dvd's she wanted and the surprise gifts she didn't know about like the book "How To Hepburn" (kind of a "The Way You Wear Your Hat" for the ladeez... not that I think the ladeez wouldn't enjoy the Sinatra book... or that men wouldn't like the Hepburn book... or that Klingons wouldn't enjoy The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. I mean, I'm not a hater. a divider or a dis-uniter. Kramer, please!) and the dvd of "The Queen". We watched "The Queen" after Future went to bed and I was impressed with how much I got into it. Helen Mirren certainly deserves some sort of award for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth during the week that followed Princess Diana's death, if only that she was able to totally tame the "Helen Mirren- Aging Hotty" thing for this part.

Because a sexy Queen Elizabeth II would not do. Not at all.

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