Friday, February 09, 2007

Mr. Jones and Son, When Mr. J is Not Doing His Infamous "Nick Nolte Impression"

Everyone please wish Mr. Future Jones a "Happy Birthday" today! He is 1, which, when it's my son, is not "the loneliest number that you'll ever do" as Harry Nilsson (saw him at a Beatlemania in Houston in '83... he's a Big Talented Drunk), Three Dog Night (Mr. J's favorite VH1 Behind The Music Episode), or Aimee Mann (met her... not nearly as sensitive as you would think) would have it.

On the day of his birth, I was stunned that the only drama that occurred was the g-alented (gorgeous + talented) Mrs. J scraping the skin off the palm of my right hand during the non-epiduraled portion of the birth (30 minutes). Everything else was super calm... we got to the hospital at 7am, checked into the birthing room and slept for the rest of the day until about 4:15pm. Then intense pushing (but no palm-scraping) for 45-ish minutes. Then at 5:06... MINDBLOWING JOY!

Oddly Mrs. J will corroborate(sp.?) all of this.

Happy Birthday Mr. D! Anything decent thing I have done since the day of your birth and will do in the future will be because of you.


Anonymous said...


I am so out of it, you probably sent me something telling me you had this blog and I was probably too overworked (self-absorbed? narciccistic? my therapist says no because she says true narciccists don't ask all the time if they are narcissists and don't have so much trouble spelling it) but I haven't seen your blog until right this moment.

It's great! You are great! Your son is gorgeous (I don't mean that creepy in a "Wow, you're baby is hot" way but wow, your baby is hot!)

I'm sending love to you and the lalented Mrs. Jones (Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones...)

BTW I am sending you an intimate mass email soon...can you use it as an excuse to live link to my iVillage blog? It's a long story, but if you could throw in yet another link it would be swell!

your fiend, mr. jones said...

and you are...?