Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Graphic Novel That's Gr-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-eat!

I tried to put the link to my brother's exciting new ticket to trademark court in the picture itself, but since I'm old and still referring to my laptop as an "infernal device", this proved difficult. You can go by clicking here however.

Here's my brother in italics to explain more...

A few of you may remember me. Even fewer may or may not be interested in knowing what is happening in the microcosm that is my self-publishing career, specifically the ongoing saga that is my highly illegal webcomic called “Breakfast of the Gods!” Well, let me fill you in!

Firstly, the comic has moved homes to this location on the Webcomics Nation hosting site:

The site offers a sequential Table of Contents, a Cast section where I have compiled bios of the major players in the story that we’ve met so far, and a section where you can write reviews. Also, the images can be uploaded at a much larger size than the old Blogger site had. Pretty pleased with it all the way around.

Secondly, after the move to Webcomics Nation in December, the comic was hyped on BoingBoing.Net which caused – briefly – a frenzy of web attention and my modest little comic caused the whole Webcomics Nation site to crash. Tee-hee!

Some of the buzz generated amongst the bloggers:

“a pitch-perfect spoof of contemporary grim'n'gritty superhero crossovers like (mostly) "Identity Crisis" and (a little bit) "Infinite Crisis" and "Civil War" -- featuring old-school cartoon cereal mascots.”

“Truly surreal, and also very exciting. Creator Brendan Douglas Jones does his best to send up the genre and always makes the most of character casting and their delicious introductions. There is even a tight and complex storyline and mystery to keep you turning pages after the initial humor has worn off. Highly recommended.”

“This webcomic might be the best parody of “grim ‘n’ gritty” superhero comics I’ve ever seen. Pitch-perfect in tone, skillfully-drafted, it’s just genius.”

“Breakfast of the Gods… Holy sh!t
Pardon my French, but I just discovered something quite amazing.
I know, I know. I’ve already written a couple of random bits about the use of cereal mascots as popular art. But I tell ya, this is the kind of stuff I love. So, here’s another example… and I gotta say, this one is the best so far.
Breakfast of the Gods is a series of three graphic novels (uh, that’s geek speak for “comic books”) cleverly written and beautifully illustrated by the multi-talented Brendan Douglas Jones.
Starting with Book One: The Last Good Morning, he has reinterpreted our favorite cereal characters and thrown them into a surprisingly dramatic and refreshingly violent storyline.
The Tiger, the Cap’n, Frank, the Count, the Cookie Cop, the Rice Krispies Elves, and many more are fleshed out and separated into two camps: the tortured heroes and the brooding villains. Awesome.”

Okay, enough of that.

All right, one more from professional comics writer Justin Gray (JONAH HEX, MONOLITH, HAWKMAN): “That was awesome! I can’t wait to read more.”

Thirdly, I’ve created a MySpace page for the book ( and a ComicSpace page ( which I would be honored if you would join!

That’s what this update is all about, friends, just to get the word out and hope that you all are enjoying my creative efforts. If said enjoyment leads to you telling two friends about BOTG, and them telling two friends (and so on and so on…), great! The growing attention to the comic may well put me in some nasty legal crosshairs, but it may also, hopefully, provide a stepping stone into a legit comics career. You never know, YOU could be helping me get my foot in the door!

Thanks, pally!

Of course the "pally" he would've never said if his smarter, slightly older brother hadn't introduced him to the wonders of the Rat Pack in the first place.

So all five of you, please enjoy my brother's epic look at what he eats every morning.

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