Thursday, March 23, 2006

Future Jones wishes you all a "Blrrpsllsts!"

Also, it's been a great week for Shatner fans.

All five of us.

As always there's the mighty "Boston Legal", giving you a Spade-r full of Shat each week.

Why I ever gave up my promising career writing for "Confidential" in the fifities, I'll never know.

Anyways, "Boston Legal" has one of the most interesting agendas on TV today. Instead of having a cast full of young, substance-less hotties, barely out of their agencies, portraying characters who have issues of people twice their age, "BL" (because I'm all about the acronym, yo) casts great, older character actors (Candice Bergen, Rene Auberjonois, and yes, I count James Spader) as characters who are more interesting and have more fun than the younger characters in the show. Except for Julie "Ed" Bowen's "I'm sleeping with a guy who's rich, dying of cancer, and who looks and sounds a lot like Michael J. Fox" storyline. And Mark Valley's line about wanting to be Mannix when he was a kid.

Because who didn't?

Last night on American Life TV Network ("Cooking Shows By Day, Old Shows By Night") they had a repeat of "The Man From U.N.C.L.E." with both a pre-"Star Trek" Shatner AND Leonard Nimoy, and they weren't even the stars! That honor went to a pre- "Hogan's Heroes" Werner (Colonel Klink) Klemper as an evil Kruschev-esque tyrant!

And if that weren't enough, TV Land started their new "what do former TV stars do with that offtime?" documentary "LivingIn TV Land". The first episode is entitled "William Shatner In Concert".

Like you, I was stunned that they had the guts.

In this soul-searching expose, Shatner (framed by songs performed at The El Rey theater in LA, most of which are from his brilliant "Has Been" album produced and co-written by Ben Folds and featuring Joe Jackson, Henry Rollins and Aimee Mann) goes through his life these days... you know "Boston Legal", "Star Trek" conventions, horse shows, his new wife, one of his daughters giving birth, his slightly gay relationship with Leonard Nimoy.

You know, just the highlights.

Use the link above, find out when this is on, and increase your knowledge of all things "Shatner".

Know the pain my family goes through everyday of the week.

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