Sunday, July 24, 2005

Back from Maine with More News From LA

Well, I got back from Maine and look what I found in my overstuffed e-mailbox! A special message from arch-fiend Wendy Wilkins (whom I affectionately call "Nee-Nee Noony" because for my closest fiends only the finest nicknames will do... just like our president!). As usual, the bold and italics are mine!!! However, as a special treat, I have tried to duplicate the lime-green font she sent it in...

... because I care. So, if you're in LA today, won't you stop by...

the best variety show in town



Sunday, July 24th
Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
5919 Franklin Blvd. Hollywood
between Tamarind & Bronson AveStreet
parking or valet for $3.50
Snacks on sale

appearing in LIME in July


Carol Ann Leif
Vance Sanders
Sarah Colona & Brandon Keener
Murry Valeriano
Dragon Boy Suede
Wendy Wilkins
Rasika Mathur
Dave Dayen
Retta & friends
Jim Ryan
Karrie Laraeu & Jim Rasfeld
Nozmo King
Guy Branum
Ben Boyer
Greg Arce
The Turtlenecks
Joe Wilson
Cheri Dickard
and more!!!!!!!!


I did this show a couple of times back in the day, and Nee-Nee seemed to be trying to do some sort of tribute to sixties variety shows (like "Laugh In", "The Dean Martin Show", etc.) with it, which I think is why it was called "Lime". Shows like that were always art-directed with a lot of crazy psychedelic colors like pinks and limes... the better to see the traces, man.

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