Friday, June 10, 2005

Fake Is For Fake

Arch-Fiend David Koff writes in with this. Not to belabor the point but italics are still mine!

Dear Fans of Old Time Radio!

Fake Radio rides once again with an evening of "Lost Love Refound". Join us this Sunday night,
June 12th at 7pm as we present two 1/2 hour love stories as originally presented by Lady Ester and
The Screen Players Guild:

The Philadelphia Story & Casablanca

Tix are $10 each, $8.00 for groups of ten or more or if you come dressed in clothes from the
1950's. So save a little dough and dress up as we love to see you lookin' fancy!

Cocktail hour begins at 7pm with our show beginning at 7:30pm. So yes: it's not REALLY a cocktail
hour, is it...? Our running time is 90 minutes and our show is perfect for the whole family: no
violence or sex, just great writing from another era!

We perform at The Fake Gallery which is located at:

(323) 661-0786
Just East of Heliotrope on the North side of Melrose

Upcoming shows include:

Sunday, July 10th
- War of the Worlds
Sunday, August 14th- Christmas in July
Sunday, September 11th- Around the World in 80 Days
Sunday, October 16th- An Evening of Jack Webb: Episodes of "Dragnet" & "Pete Kelly's Blues" Sunday, November 13th- The Third Man
Sunday, December 11th- It's a Wonderful Life

Go see these guys, if only to help your old Uncle Jones relive his glory days.

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Pisser said...

They will never replace you, Jonesy! ;)