Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Brother Jones

My brother Brendan ("But Brenda is a girl's name!" you say? And now you know our secret shame, I reply), just started his copycat of his older (but, to be fair, he has much more gray in his hair), more successful (but, again to be completely fair, he owns way more action figures and dvd's than I do) brother's blog. Entitled "The World Jones Made" , you can reach his not-so-subtle pleas for help (and ladies? He's single!), by clicking on the link here, or at the top of the funny link column to the right.

There, I did it, Beej. Now will you stop calling my wife at three in the morning?


Pisser said...

Off to annoy your blood relative, and make fun of his name.

Always a pleasure.

Pisser said...

...and I'm back.

He uses too many big words ;)

your fiend, mr. jones said...

"Wordy" was the nickname that haunted him through kindergarten.

Pisser said...

I did not know that dude was your brother-!

P.S. I can read him fine today. Must be wearing my brain hat instead of the beer one today.

your fiend, mr. jones said...

Denial that Brendan is brother is not just a river in Egypt.