Saturday, April 09, 2005

The weekly Project Greenlight Analysis

So, obviously they weren't going to fire John Gulager, as the cast and crew list is up for "Feast" here on IMDB. And obviously he got his wife and dad to get parts in the film, albeit smaller ones.

So now the show is more of an interest to me to watch because of how everyone deals with John. Michelle, the casting director, chose to outmaneuver both John and the two producers by throwing actress Navi Rowat into the mix of names for the lead part. And Dimension chose Navi.

Michelle then becomes very defensive and we have a new psycho to hate on the show.

Which was a nice change up.

Next week, John goes back to being the psycho as it looks like he's not storyboarding or coming up with a shot list or telling his crew what he wants.

Won't you join myself and the Gulager family in watching this?


RJ Schwarz said...

John's father Clu has a fairly big role if the original screenplay is to be trusted. Clu also has a pretty extensive film list. I think Greenlight was probably happy to have him on the film and gave him the biggest part his age would allow.

your fiend, mr. jones said...

RJ (cool initials btw),

I agree, Clu Gulager is very talented. You are talking (or reading or blogging, whatever the proper verb is) with someone who watched Clu in The Wondeful World OF Disney's "Mystery Of Dracula's Castle" about a million times.

And that was when I was 30.

I also think John is talented as well, from what I can see from his audition film on the show.

My point is, Clu has raised his son to be an ego-centric, passive-agressive manipulator with low self-esteem issues. And being one myself, I know how that can get in the way of people helping you to make your art. I think that's the thing that kills me about this show is that no one from Project Greenlight or Live Planet or Dimension want "Feast" to fail and when John starts pushing every member of his family to be cast (most of whom did not appear in "The Last Picture Show"), it shows that his dad's view of art and how the "suits" in Hollywood don't want art, has seriously caused John Gulager to shoot himself in the foot.

DTS said...

I like how the Gulager's compare themselves to other Hollywood families -- e.g. Carradines. At least, they suggest there's the potential for such.

My favorite Gulager quote is probably: "My brother is the greatest actor in the world. And, if anyone doesn't see that they are insane."

your fiend, mr. jones said...

True that, yo. It's equally ironic to me that Clu also mentions the Penns and then who do they get for the old lady character in Feast but Eileen Ryan, Sean, Chris and Michael's mom. She's the one who complains to Jack Nicholson about the ring not fitting her in The Crossing Guard.