Friday, April 15, 2005

John Gulager is a bit of a mushmouth... those of you know who've been watching Project Greenlight this year. And this week he finds that his shyness around people (at one point he says "people make me uncomfortable") is getting his way.

The above link on "Project Greenlight" is to the official site where the producer and writers have mini-blogs (well mini compared to the novels I usuall write) about each week's episode. Week after week there have been assurances that John will, eventually, get his act together, which makes me happy as he is endearingin a passive-aggressive child kind of way. However, it is fun to yell at the TV when he causes more friction by improvising a shot and putting the day further behind schedule. Or when casting director Michelle Gertz listen to her inner Michelle and not the wishes of the producers... again!

I often yell out "John" or "Michelle" when this happens.

Yes, my wife is still with me.

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