Friday, April 29, 2005

The Greenlight Report

Please read the blogs this week for Project Greenlight as it is an aria of self-promotion and defensive posturing from the two screenwriters, Hari James the fired script supervisor, and a Project Greenlight contest winner from two years ago (who takes the opportunity to promotoe his new film and runs with it!

I will say one of the points that one of the writers (the quiet one, not the one who's a spazz) brings up in his blog is valid. Every week the show finds someone new to pin psycho behavior on. In the past month it's been-

1) Director John Gulager (well, he pretty much wins as he got a great head start on the psycho behavior race)

2) Casting Director Michelle Gertz

3) Script Supervisor Hari James

And then last night, actress Krista Allen, who went from being manipulative (with crew, on camera, calling her the-gasp- "b" word) to being drunk on set. Wow. Wow.

Again, wow.

Now, I have to admit watching the George Clooney/Steven Soderbergh HBO epic
"Unscripted" this year and thinking that she was quite talented in pulling off the "former bimbo with substance" thing, but is anyone gonna want to work with her after watching this tonight?

Of course, because it's show biz. People are wanting to work with all of the Gulagers after this show, if only to put them in another reality show.

Seacrest out.

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your fiend, mr. jones said...

Yeah, that's right. I said "promotoe". Wachu gonna do 'bout it homes?