Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Daniel Frank Is Smarter Than Me

Daniel, who's blog is the first listed in the funny fiends section here, is somebody who has read the same comic books, and has a great film reference book collection. He's also a very funny guy, who doesn't mind showing Mr. Jones a thing or two about a thing or two. As evidenced by the comments section for the Wednesday, March 30th section, here.

More important than whether I get the plot of a Preston Sturges film right or not (although that stung, 'cause that guy's like a god to me, man), follow Danile's advice and watch TCM this month as it is a big ol' comedy month, as well as running a tribute to Errol Flynn. Tonight is the brand new documentary, "The Adventures of Errol Flynn" running with "The Adventures of Robin Hood", "Captain Blood" and "They Died With Their Boots On". Any of the Flynn films directed by Michael Curtiz are always worth a look.

It's interesting that throughout this tribute, TCM is not airing "Thank Your Lucky Stars" one of those "big studio puts together all of their stars in war tribute with flimsy plot excuse to get them together" movies that were so prevalent during the forties. This one has Eddie Cantor blackmailing the "Calvacade of Stars" benefit to let him be chairman, in exchange for the services of his under-contract vocalist Dinah Shore. Somehow, this all brings out every Warner star and quite a number of them sing in the film, including John Garfield singing "Blues In The Night", Bette Davis doing "They're Either Too Old Or Too Young" and Flynn doing "That's What You Jolly Well Get". It's a fun film and would've worked well with both the Flynn tribute and the April Comedy month theme as well.

And Daniel probably thought of that first.

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