Saturday, April 23, 2005


The above title has to do with Clu Gulager's rants during the other night's Project Greenlight episode. Man, it was great. I didn't agree with him, but apprently it did buy his son John, the manic-depressive director, some breathing room from crew interference according to one of the writers' blogs on the Bravo Greenlight site. You can get to it from the link I've put in here somewhere.

The blog from Chris Moore this week includes an impassioned defense of power-mad casting director Michelle Gertz, basically her actions were a directive from Chris and Dimension as a way of controlling John's need to cast his friends and family. I can imagine Gulager (and dad) reading this as yet another reason not to trust the "Hollywood system", while patting themselves on the back for being artists. Sigh.

Chris also begs people to watch the show in a blog about a show presumably read by people watching the show.

The most interesting blog on the site this week is a guest blog from friend-of-Gulager-family (and fired script supervisor) Harri "not the jazz trumpeter" James, which you can find here. She whines even more about her plight of being fired from the movie than she did on the show. If you watch the episode, you can see her going from being merely annoying to the crew to completely selling her friend John out, by using him as an excuse for why she isn't doing her job very well.

An am I the only one who think the director of photography looks like Gary Sinise's older, heavier brother?

Of course I am, because I'm the only one watching the show.

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